Friday, October 23, 2009

Kyarutaru vs. Kalokoko FIGHT! + other crap

While doing FoV and helping Clave unlock Empyreal Arrow for his newly attained 75RNG, my NPC Kalokoko finally dinged 61 so I got to do possibly the most fun quest in the line of 'em!  Fighting her one on one!  It's kinda like a Maat fight 'cept versus my own personal midget -- I had to zoom in my camera in order to get good screenshots lol.

I went WHM/NIN of course which deermined her job to be RDM/NIN but she didn't stand a chance.  I Hexa'd the hell out of her and she only got me with two spells, Sleep II and Water III, when she used Chainspell.. and the Water III only did like 30 damage since I had stoneskin up and all too.  I have her in Seer's gear because on my own laptop I used to have those DATs swapped with a cute schoolgirl uniform and I just haven't swapped em on this one yet.

In other news, I got my COR to 75, having taken it up with Clave's RNG for a nice boost with Hunter's Roll.  It's a shame I'll never really get to use COR since I have relic/KClub WHM, but it was still fun to level nevertheless!  Got to put my Cobra Harness to use and my full AF2 set and Denali Jacket after getting 75 in that awesome party ^^  Could have gotten a higher chain but we had to get going.

Lately, Clave and I have been helping our LS friend, Phatdade, with his Windurst missions and, now that he's switched to Bastok, those missions as well, so I took a few screenshots along the way of our records and Dade's silliness:

 Take that Tatzlwurm and Shadow Lord!  Easily broken records with our small group!  I melee'd against Shadow Lord but went RDM to Moon Reading, but having Clave there with his Amanomurakumo = rapeage in any situation.

Clave and I have also been trioing Limbus runs lately since the group we were in stopped going and we still wanted some upgrade items for our main characters and for Rydiah.  Already got the RNG pieces for Clave and one of the BRD pieces for Rydiah and a RDM for me in just the few runs we've been doing whenever we've got the chance.  ^_^ Getting around 20 or so ABC's each run too which isn't a bad profit for just being able to beat up the Elementals and various Enhanced beasts in Temenos or Slimes, crabs, and bones in Apollyon!  The challenge of pushing through it together has been pretty fun (even if we did have a bad run-in with Shiva that one time...)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trio Triumphs!

Long time no post!  Not much interesting over the past few weeks I suppose other than getting to Maat's Cap level, though today, Clave and I had some fun with trio challenges
First up in order to prepare for the second, Clave & I trio'd Bomb Queen, utilizing my Kraken Club to gain TP fast so that I could immediately switch to the summoned Bomb Princes & Princesses and swiftly finish them off with an assault of flying hammers with Hexa Strike.  The fight was long, probably a little over 20 minutes, and we had to contend with sleeping the Volcanic Ash that repopped, but we easily kept it slept with Lullaby and Repose handy. 
And so we got the ring for Clave, which he would use on his DRK for the next fight!


Well, I suck and was too busy to take screenshtos during the fight, but I managed to get one at the end where Tenzen shamefully hung his head in defeat after we took him down in a little over three minutes, beating the former record of 3m26s held by 5 people, and we were just 3!  Bwahahaha!
So now finally Rydiah has Sea access and can spend the Ancient Beastcoins we've been saving to get her Loquacious and Musical Earrings.  Finally~  Also will be a good help to have her around when we low man farm Limbus with just us.

Next order of business is just more EXPing.  I'm still hoping to aim for Maat's Cap but would also like to finish my COR to 75 (current 63 -- leveling together with Clave's RNG~).  I've also been wanting to take advantage of the whole Astral Burn craze before SE figures out a way to nerf it so I can get my SMN up fast with little pain.  Hopefully I can mooch in some SMN Burn parties on BLM too in that case....  I just want those dreadful jobs out of the way since I don't really have any desire to suffer through hours of lfg as a gimp WHM or undesirable old-fashioned nuker who has no place in the TP Burns of Today.

Until next time!