Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A long time FFXI friend, Anaentar, is currently very ill right now in critical condition at the hospital... To all who may know him or don't know him but sympathize, please keep him in your thoughts and hope for a speedy full recovery :(

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Dis shiz gets its own entry cuz I'm proud of it! It's my highest Hexa Strike yet :>
Granted, yeah it's in Abyssea with all the crazy buffs and Mjollnir + Molva Maul and Razed Ruin/Sanguine Scythe but hey!  Nice shiny high numbers from a Taru WHM! ;> heehee~

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pictures everywhere!

Woo!  All right time to finally update cuz people have been bitching! 8DThough I don't know why, cuz this blog is just an excuse for me to post fun pictures.  Or boring pictures, either way.  But let's see what I've been up to for the past few weeks, in no particular order!  I just select the image I feel like talkin about and go from there :D

Oh yeah!  So remember that Sippoy pic I posted awhile ago cuz he scared the piss outta me when I first saw him?  Well, Clave and I trio'd him easily (and I still kept my distance....)  Got his Atma!

 We also fought his buddy Kutharei which we had the luck to find him up!  He was a bit of a pain, but we had mroe than just me and Clave thankfully -- had Cellfish, Boatsoap, & Toren too!  Got his Atma, Laurel Wreath, Navarch's Mantle, and... I don't remember what else, but I got those things 8D
.. Oh I thought I took a screenshot of "Kyarutaru obtains the Laurel wreath" but I guess not.  So no additional screenshot there.

That night we bonked Kutharei was pretty productive in general -- fought Cirein-croin a few times since Toren needs his lanterns or whatever, and we managed to geettttt:
Whee!  Molva Maul!  I've since been able to play with it offhand with my Mjollnir using Razed Ruin and .... well I forget which other atma I used.  Voracious Violet?  Hell if I know I have a crap memory.  Was able to pull out some nice numbers with Hexa Strike without food and such.
I did a 2600-ish one on a colibri but I can't find that screenshot >:|
Bonk bonk bonk. Stupid blinkmenot doesn't show my melee gear..

 Been doing a lot of TE and Key item farming in Abyssea with just me and Clave So we get to stare at big chests all day :D

 This was a fun fight!  Trioing Amahulak with Clave and I got to melee as well!  I reckon I just spammed with Kraken offhand and pulled hate off him quite a bit lol  He had to Accomplice/Collaborator me a bunch :3  Fight went pretty smoothly and we got the jewels and whatnot we wanted as well as the BST Axe thing which Clave got.

During another farming session we bonked Carabosse a bunch for Toren.  So here's a shiny pic.  Nothin special, she's not too hard.
This corse thing was a douche.  Hadal Summons bonked the crap outta some of my DDs if Barfira was down, but we still managed and took him down twice!  If all else fails, run around the rock and try to avoid being hit!  I like this screenshot :D

Inside its guts!

 We were gonna go bonk this bigass Sandworm too after that Tit-corse thing last night but someone else was already fighting it so we just enjoyed the show!  Lots easier to get fun screenshots when you don't have to worry about dying :o

 And lastly!  Cuz I took this about an hour ago...  Trioing Ovni!  Didn't get the haste thingy, but got my Augur's Jaseran thingy 8D  We're camping it again in hopes to get the Bullwhip Belt* (dammit you fkrs the haste thingy!  I don't pay enough attention!)!  So off to pay attention while camping :X 


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I told you I suck at updating this!  So this post is JUST FOR YOU!  Well. And for Alpaka and Sushiroll too 8D  Actually, let's make it for everyone BUT Bincks.


... I'll have a real update within a few days :P  Fun with Razed Ruin + Sanguine Scythe Atmas + Hexa Strike!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I suck at updating

Ahoy! Lots of stuff since last update but I suck and don't take many screenshots :P Got WHM and RDM to 85 ad COR to 80 (And leveled Clave/Fugue's THF to 85 as well since I'm an EXP addict and Rydiah's WHM and BRD to 85 too..). 
Hood looks kinda Assassin's Creedy

Got mah Orison Cap +1  in about two days worth of camping Whiro the Eft in Attohwa -- haven't worked much towards my RDM AF3 Hat or WHM legs and such, but I do have some seals for em cuz they're pretty sexy.  So much stuff to do with all the Abyssea stuff :o  Which is good cuz I likely will not be playing FFXIV -- my laptop isn't powerful enough and my part time job isn't enough to afford a new one :P  I'll wait until 14 unsucks anyway if I do play, but I've wasted the last 7 years of my life on FFXI and I don't want to give up just yet!

I about peed my pants when I cam across Sippoy in Abyssea-Vunkerl... I even had a damn dream that night involving him wiping out my party of friends cuz he wandered near us ;~~~;  Stupid FFXI infiltrating my brain...

Abyssea is kinda nice though cuz when I go on WHM I always go /DNC and can melee my heart out :D  But uhh... I've gotten so many merits I don't really have anything left to put them in so.. I can't really go on Kyaru anymore (which is why I leveled Rydiah and Clave lolol).  I don't really like Tahrongi though due to the lack of natural Ruby lights -- makes exp accumulation far too slow.  I like frogs in La Theine.  I haven't had much experience EXPing in the Scars areas (aside from a not too long party in Misareaux on birds which wasn't bad).  Just anything but stupid Pachypodiums prz and I'll exp allllllllllllllllllllllllllll night.

I haven't worked much at all on the Mjollnir trials... it's just too many killshots and it's just really disheartening.  I've written SE some nasty feedback about the relic trials.  It's just kinda bullshit that after the years of hardwork we put into initially obtaining them, we have to put forth sevenfold the effort to keep them being the strongest of their category to beat out the new weapons they implement.  It's easy enough just to say, kill some NM and BAM! now you can own a lance that you can use the relic WS with every 13 WSes or so with really nice base damage!  Sucks. =/  Should just autoupgrade the relics to keep them the best :/  Not make us slave over killing over eight thousand monsters to do it.  Granted, the stats on the 85 Mjollnir are pretty sexy but... that's still 5500 killshots away.... .___.
  The main draw to getting Mjollnir for me was it's high DMG rating for a club to make meleeing viable, but a lot of these new clubs and such (like Molva Maul - DMG 65 Delay: 308 Latent effect: Randgrith) is better than my current DMG+8 Mjollnir, just without the Attack +20 and Additional Effect Recover MP.  Just kinda sickening seeing such things after spending 150M+ on upgrading.

And ending off on a silly picture:
{Fake moustache}

Friday, July 9, 2010

Catch up post!

Done a lot since the update!  Been having a great time playing around in Abyssea^^  I've gone in groups from being just me and Clave to full pick-up alliances for exp/cruor farming.  The first exp group we went with sucked because some idiot suggested Pixies over Gigas and well.. that was just terrible :P
The second one was pretty decent, though slow starting -- went after bees in La Theine and dinged 80 in it, meleeing as WHM/DNC the whole time :D

Oh yes, which brings me to the fact that I SMN Burned my DNC all the way to 49 since DNC has Dual Wield now, and Reverse Flourish is pretty fun and I'm able to self chain with it and Kraken Club ^^  KC is just plain cheating with Drain Samba II as well, sapping back a decent amount of HP per round of bonks.

And in other news, which I made a brief emo post about upon finding out...   not quite looking forward to the next two trials for Mjollnir...  The first one involves 1500 more Randgrith killshots on amorphs. Ugh ;~;  Painful.

 And then 2000 killshots on Vermin... though the results are quite tasty :Q

Before even thinking about dabbling on my trials though, I've been helping Clave with his, which the first one is Arcana and I don't remember what his second is.. still have 800-something more to go for his first one before I'll bother dreading his second :P

Also been idlly working on some other Magian Trial things.  I've got Culacula right now on the Urd stage of the trial path towards Gambanteinn.  Though the likelihood of me ever finishing it anytime soon is slim, I figure it'd be a nice strong powerhosue option for offhanding when Kraken isn't wise.
And as far as another multihit Kraken alternative, I've started another club trial towards Naboot, though I haven't done the math yet to determine which final outcome to aim for for that yet.  Still got a billion more trials for that before having to think too hard :>  Plus uh, art major. I can't do the math anyway 9_x

And lastly, I'd like to give a little shout to those of you who read this, such as Karri! Who was so kind as to send me a tell today! :O  Welcome to Slyph, Karri! Hope ya like it here! :D

Monday, June 21, 2010



3500 more finishing blow Randgriths....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


lol Had just been talking to Clave to about fishing stuff (and how much moolah I've been rakin' in with Liks and Gugs and my rare skillups, then lo and behold! First fish I catch today grants me with the final .3 I needed for 100! :O ILU LIKS! FU GUGS >:O

Gotta keep mah fish pimp Clave happy! D=!  so I'll still be fishing to get gil to recoup the costs of the Morrigan's ingots I bought at the server merge :P

Monday, April 19, 2010

Uleguerand Wildlife Control Services

Are tigers hindering your trek to Bearclaw Pinnacle? Rabbits consistently humping your leg in desperation to reproduce?  Then call Uleguerand Wildlife Control Services, your #1 source for pest elimination in the snow front!
... ok yeah sorry for that bit of cheese :P Just spent over 20 hours worth of time there slaughtering rabbits and tigers, landing the killshot on the with Randgrith for Trial 1064!
 Another Hare taken care of!

But yaaaaayyyyyyyy finally done!  And I don't even want to think about what sadistic thing S-E will come up with for the remaining relic trial(s) :|  This was torture enough! ;~;  Thankfully I had help from Clave 98% of the time to speed up the kill rate to about 80-90/hour, up from my measly 25-30 I was able to manage on my own.  But yeah. fk Uleguerand.  And fk wherever we'll be going to finish Clave's 2nd Amano trial on vermin ;______;  Oh well, at least the upgrades are worth it!

Prior to doing this second trial stuff, Clave and I finished up the last of the WotG missions that are out and I'm dying to see what happens next, but gotta wait eternity for the next missions update and by then I will have forgotten the epicness ._.But that's why there are screenshots (and Goblin Footprints :P)!

Look away if you don't want some spoilers, but these were just cool lookin scenes!

Ok well this last one is unrelated, but I saw some random linkshell forming a line in Port Jeuno after finishign my Trial and decided to butt in :>  HI RANDOM PEOPLE!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trial of the Magians

Welp! There was a big update on Monday which merged my poor server, Fairy, into Sylph... Which unfortunately cost Clave his name and all variations of it were taken too =/  So after a logn time of mulling over other choices, having been on a huge Eternal Sonata kick the past few months, he decided on Fugue.  Previously people used to sometimes refer to us as Kyave or Claru, combining our names, but now, we are FUKYA!  >:( Yeah! FU Sylph! /sigh.  Hopefully one day he'll be able to get his name or some sort of close variant back ._.  I still always try to type /sea all cla or /pcmd add clave and other such things.  And of course I'll always keep calling him by his rightful name of Clave, and am gonna keep my Wedding Ring engraving of [Clave] as well :B

But anyway, lots of new updates like new summons and weapons and NMs and crap, but the main thing that caught my attention was the Trial of the Magians stuff cuz I could augment my Mjollnir!  So I raaannn over to the moogle and looked at my trials... I had to use Randgrith 1500 times on lizard-type monsters. 1500 Randgriths. omg.  

So last night I went by myself to Kuftal... smashed many many lizards and got about 300 out of the 1500 needed before calling it a night.  Was rather lonely out there by myself with nobody to talk to (well, I was yappin in LS of course :> but still..)
So today Clave and I went to Grauberg to target Wivres -- more resilient than weenie Sand Lizards which I could only get maybe 3 Randgriths off each before killing them.

And so we fought.

And fought. 

And fought.

For nearly half a day straight.
Until yayyyyy!  Did the remaining 1200 Randgriths allll today  with his help @_@  He was doing Marches on Rydiah and pulling and such for me while I constantly bapped the hell outta these stupid things.
And so I brought it back to the Moogle~
And voilaMjollnir with DMG: +2!

My next upgrade is another daunting 1500 Randgriths, however... each of them needs to get the kill shot ;_____;  Luckily Clave's 1st trial is on the same mob family as my second one, Beasts, so he can get his first upgrade while I work towards my second!  Because the second upgrade is nothing short of drool-worthy :Q  ....
DMG: +8

Here's to more grinding! But sooo worth it for THAT awesome of an upgrade!  Can't wait to see what the next trial(s) will be for relics!  They better be good considering most, if not all, of each of the new weapons added can be augmented to equal or surpass each of their respective relics in damage ratings >:/  Culacula upgraded gets the same 57 base damage of Mjollnir which is bullshit, and one of the Great Katanas can be augmented to have 1 more damage than Amanomurakumo.  So yeah.  They'd better make these additional trials make relic insurpassable and indisputably superior!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Keep on fishin....

Still fishing... well, I took a break for awhile but I'm back at it now.. alone.. in Quicksand Caves... but why would I endure such a oring task, with bites few and far between?

...because the catches are damn worth their weight in skillups!

0.3 at that level!  Sometimes double skillups with Pelican Ring (Got a 0.1 and a 0.2 on the same catch the other day)

So hell yeah I'm staying here, even if I generally get a few catches per hour.
 Meatballs are my standard fare of bait, but I just ran out a few minutes ago and am successfully catching more cave Cherax with a Sinking Minnow until I decide to go back to Windurst and sleep @_@  Which given that it's 5am... should be pretty soon...

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Tonight's Arrapago Remnants run was a bit crappy performance-wise, but the nice surprise of a Macha's Coat made it at least a little bit worthwhile!  Since Cellfish already got his (since Morrigan's is his primary set, whereas it's my secondary even though I finished Marduk), I got this one ^_^  Granted, both he and I still need the 25 from Bhaflau and I still need to pop the frog that drops the 15 too, but those are cake in comparison to the rarity of the 35.  Finally have a use for the gil I've been sitting on like a dragon the past few months.  Not much out there that I'd wanna buy since I pretty much have everything I could ever want for WHM, but Clave wants me to try to pick up a White Tathlum sometime if I can land a good price for it (2.4M or less).

Also about a month ago I went out with my friend Coishin and a friend of his to Ru'Aun for some Fields of Valor.  I had an extra Blue Cape with me amidst all the failures of augmented Rainbow Capes, and upon defeatign Eraser, I got a ncie little surprise of Accuracy +2!  I know it's nothing fabulous, especially on a cape like Blue which decreases HP, but hey!  I finally have a friggin back piece with accuracy on it for White Mage!  Clave made another slew of Rainbow Capes for me the day before yesterday, so gonna try to get decent melee stats on one of those instead of having to use this Blue Cape.  But for now it's better than Bellicose in my opinion!  WHM severly needs as much Accuracy as possible since we can't use Amemet or even Accura or hell, anything really.. gotta augment away!  So hopefully out of this batch of 7 I'll get something aside from stupid magic resistance crap >:/  

Haven't been playing as often lately since RL's taken a hit, but just been finishing up WotG nation quests (finished Windy awhile ago which was badass), and did Bastok the other day and got a little bit done with San d'Oria too.  Been slacking off as far as fishing goes :X Still at 90.  And last Thursday, me and a few linkshell friends did some MMM meriting which was a blast!  I'm hoping to gather them up again sometime so Clave and I can EXP my PLD and his RDM without havign to suffer through normal non-ToAU parties with strangers.  It's a lot more fun with friends!  

Until next time!~

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Yay!  Only been fishin for a few months now whenever I've got some free time and hit 78 (now 82) last week and racked up enough GP to get Serpent Rumors~  So now that the conquest tally has passed after turnign everything in, I was able to claim my reward from Irmilant~
:P And haven't had a chance to actually fish with it yet lol.