Monday, June 29, 2009



Yahoo! After tonight's San d'Oria Dynamis run, Carion was willing to trade me 947 Bronze for 947 Shells, enabling me to finish super fast! Xtinae (who is almost done with Yoichinoyumi!) let me borrow the remainign 30 M. Silvers, and many many members of both my social LS and my Dynamis LS tagged along with me to The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah as I turned in all my currency and such to receive the first and only Mjollnir on Fairy server! Hell yeah! I didn't get much time to play with it though since I felt pretty awful and sick, but I'll have PLENTY of time from now on to mess around and bonk the hell out of things!
It's too bad though that the original Mjollnir owner was a Galka (who can be pretty stupid in Campaign too, btw) but oh well! Now anotehr cute little Taru's got Thor's Hammer to weild! WATCH OUT JORMUNGAND! DIS HAMMER WAS MADE TO SLAY YA!

Took a bunch of screenshots, but here are just a few! Lots of fun group shots with LS friends :) Took uhhh many tries to get the motion synchs to be decent :P I was really happy though to have so many people come out for me ^^ Despite all the jokes they may make about me and my Club, I know they still have supported me the whole way through and well, even to me lolClub jokes are funny :P Because I've got the facts to strike it down! :D
Also, looking at the stats in the attendance spreadsheet for my Dynamis shell, I only ever bought 31 100s and probably got around that from all my sponsored runs. Most of my currency was purchased outside the shell, but still, having the privilege to sponsor and be able to purchase 100s cheap @ 500k helped speed along my progress. However, to any people who are considering sponsoring or are doing so now, you HAVE to be able to afford every 100 that drops on your runs AND be willing to buy a crap-ton of currency outside the shell, otherwise you'll never finish.
The ability to sponsor is a wonderful way to afford a relic more cheaply, however, in a shell with so many sponsors such as mine, it should not be your only source of currency obtaining :)
Good luck to the rest of the pwnED sponsors! Xtinae, you should be the next one done! Also I'm hoping Clave gets in as a sponsor soon too so he can upgrade his Ybow. He's already got Stage 3 and since we work together for gil, he'd be able to finish super fast ike I did! Money is of no issue, and money is exactly what ya need to upgrade a relic.

I told Harperu he was scary :<
I love leeches~ bonk bonk bonk!
Ba-da-da-daaaaaa! Mjollllnniiiirrrrrrr!
Gear info is detailed in an earlier post if ya care to see :) I don't settle for crappy gear >:O

Next Objectives!: Maat's Cap & Kraken Club (Purchase or BC)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


..ok so I passed the over nine thousaaaaaannnddd mark a longass time ago so I figure a countdown over being *under* one thoussaaaannnddd is more appropriate at this rate! But yes! Finally less than 1000 coins to go! As I type this, I currently have 6049/7000 for stage 5 omg ;__;
I'll have my bappin stick soon enough! Then I just need to get that fkn K. club :P

Gya! Just excited, had to post! won't be long before ya get to see an obnoxious completed post! :D! :D! WITH WHM MELEE MERIPO POWAH. Maybe idk :o I dunno what I wanna do first when I get it xD Except christen my first unlimited Randgrith as a miss :> For is tis Relic tradition!

So we'll see soooooon enough! /dance /dance

Friday, June 26, 2009

ZNMs + Progress Update

Did a Tier IV ZNM today, Sarameya. I wasn't completely altogether with myself, having had a rough day and wasn't in that great of a mood. However, Oracle's Cap dropped the first fight and I won, though in retrospect I should have passed it to someone else who needed it more than me since it's really moreso a resting piece it seems, which I simply use Goliard Chapeau for. Two Aurum Armets dropped too, one from each fight, so congrats to Barlow and Faeryl who got them~

Also, Gathered up a few more singles currency-wise, which puts me right at 90% completion! So close! Clave and I did three Up in Arms runs the other night but no luck. We've done so damn many of those runs to no avail, which is to be expected really. Though I do reaaalllllyyyy need a Kraken Club to go with my relic. He and I agreed to set aside the purchasing of Imp. Wootz Ingots for our Salvage pieces in order to save up enough to potentially just buy a K. Club. And with our steady income, it shouldn't be an issue, though I do tend to spend a ton on currency, which is my absolute priority anyway. For runs I sponsor I like to have at least 4-5M on me. Currently I have double that :D


So went out and boguht an M. Silver in Rolanmart! So 55/70 now~
Fifteen more M. Silvers to go.... Just fifteen....

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well, I'm pretty excited about my progress at the moment! Under 20 more M. Silvers to go until I've got my shiny hammer to bonk things with at will. Still don't have a Kraken Club to accompany it though which is crucial... Been working on trying to get that for a longer time than I've been working on my relic itself D: Then again, who hasn't? Hopefully as Clave and I work up towards getting our Maat's Caps, we'll gather enough seals to finally get lucky on Up In Arms and claim a K. Club for ourselves ^_^ For now I'll have to settle for Perdu Wand :P But man I wanna be K. Club spammy! Would have nice overall damage output with that, I believe. Clave and I were talking and will probably try to farm seals through leveling low level jobs or duoing the painfulness that is BLM (which both of ours are just around 38-40 range). Duoing is always nice since the seals are guaranteed to ya. Also especially nice duoing when ya have an outside healer and it's just nice since ya don't have to fuss with lfg or dealign with crappy people n_n~

Hurrhuurr. I'm actually in the middle of one of my Xarcabard sponsor runs as I'm typing this bit of my post. 40 Bronze, 22 Shells, 21 Bynes right now, no luck with 100s D; My Iceland runs tend to suck 100s-wise whereas my city runs rain. We'll be fighting Dynamis Lord though tonight so that'll be a guaranteed 100 ^_^ Hopefully a Silver or Jade :P I'm also eligible for both ring and mantle drops if they happen to drop. Always been outlotted which is fine ^^ The players who have gotten them hopefully have given them some good use. Most people though would probably scoff at the thought fo a melee WHM getting them though, but I do have other jobs yanno! Workin' on Maat's Cap I'll have everything at least 66+ and potentially all to 75 one day!

Overall run I got I think about 164 singles or so and a Jadeshell off DL. Got over 100 of both Shells and Bynes I need to trade and get rid of for more Bronzepieces. I've made a new seller friend too who contacts me frist to sell Shells and Bronze to before she bothers putting them in bazaar :D Thanks Mistweave! Also need to get in touch with that Japanese player and see if he has anymore bronze to trade for the shells I just got -- traded a bunch with him last night.

Back to Dynamis land, DL also dropped a Shadow Mantle which Toth was winning with a 900-something lot, and he was thoughtful enough to pass it to Lester who had the next highest lot. :D Just want to give a shoutout saying that Toth is pretty damn cool for doing that and has earned a lot of respect from me and hopefully others for his selflessness ^_^

Ahoy Captain!

Woo! Got Captain rank the other day~ Did Khimaira last so took a group pic afterward. So now can just spam the crap out of Red vs. Blue to get Assault Points for Salvage.

Then got a pic of Clave in his Goblin costume holding his dagger up to poor Tarus hassling them for their gilz.Aaannndddd shiny dat mod for staves! Makes the world prettier.

Also, I'm 50/70 now for Mjollnir. :P Still can't convince Clave to let me 'borrow' the 19 M. Silvers he's got, hehe. but he doesn't enjoy those jokes anyway :/ Should be done by summer's end at least.. Next rotation for Sponsoring will starts oon and I'll be on San d'Oria so I'll be raking in the bronze faster then.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Current Coin Count

Had to screenshot my currency count to confirm with my LS before they make the sponsoring calendar for next rotation, so I figure I can post it here too!

So I've got 356 Tukuku Whiteshells available to trade for Bronze, so hopefully I can shout in Whitegate and find someone. Clave had some extra Bronze himself so I traded him around 280 shells which was nice and quick. I sponsored a Windy run tonight and got 270 singles and bought the 2 Jadeshells that dropped. I've got two Xarcabard sponsors coming up in a week and a half which'll yield even more crap I need to trade off :P

Other than Dynamis-related stuff, Clave and I continued doing more of the WotG Bastok missions and got our Goblin Belts!.... and I suck and didn't take screenshots while he and I and Rydiah were in Windurst Walls prior to Dynamis all wearing the costumes :P Oh well, another time! But I do have a screenshot from our last Tav Run where we were all in Choco costumes so I'll post that instead :>
And in other news, Macchiato the RMT was banned. Though it seems Kingy, Kylei, and Soe are still around =/ I'll get em banned eventually I suppose....