Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trial of the Magians

Welp! There was a big update on Monday which merged my poor server, Fairy, into Sylph... Which unfortunately cost Clave his name and all variations of it were taken too =/  So after a logn time of mulling over other choices, having been on a huge Eternal Sonata kick the past few months, he decided on Fugue.  Previously people used to sometimes refer to us as Kyave or Claru, combining our names, but now, we are FUKYA!  >:( Yeah! FU Sylph! /sigh.  Hopefully one day he'll be able to get his name or some sort of close variant back ._.  I still always try to type /sea all cla or /pcmd add clave and other such things.  And of course I'll always keep calling him by his rightful name of Clave, and am gonna keep my Wedding Ring engraving of [Clave] as well :B

But anyway, lots of new updates like new summons and weapons and NMs and crap, but the main thing that caught my attention was the Trial of the Magians stuff cuz I could augment my Mjollnir!  So I raaannn over to the moogle and looked at my trials... I had to use Randgrith 1500 times on lizard-type monsters. 1500 Randgriths. omg.  

So last night I went by myself to Kuftal... smashed many many lizards and got about 300 out of the 1500 needed before calling it a night.  Was rather lonely out there by myself with nobody to talk to (well, I was yappin in LS of course :> but still..)
So today Clave and I went to Grauberg to target Wivres -- more resilient than weenie Sand Lizards which I could only get maybe 3 Randgriths off each before killing them.

And so we fought.

And fought. 

And fought.

For nearly half a day straight.
Until yayyyyy!  Did the remaining 1200 Randgriths allll today  with his help @_@  He was doing Marches on Rydiah and pulling and such for me while I constantly bapped the hell outta these stupid things.
And so I brought it back to the Moogle~
And voilaMjollnir with DMG: +2!

My next upgrade is another daunting 1500 Randgriths, however... each of them needs to get the kill shot ;_____;  Luckily Clave's 1st trial is on the same mob family as my second one, Beasts, so he can get his first upgrade while I work towards my second!  Because the second upgrade is nothing short of drool-worthy :Q  ....
DMG: +8

Here's to more grinding! But sooo worth it for THAT awesome of an upgrade!  Can't wait to see what the next trial(s) will be for relics!  They better be good considering most, if not all, of each of the new weapons added can be augmented to equal or surpass each of their respective relics in damage ratings >:/  Culacula upgraded gets the same 57 base damage of Mjollnir which is bullshit, and one of the Great Katanas can be augmented to have 1 more damage than Amanomurakumo.  So yeah.  They'd better make these additional trials make relic insurpassable and indisputably superior!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Keep on fishin....

Still fishing... well, I took a break for awhile but I'm back at it now.. alone.. in Quicksand Caves... but why would I endure such a oring task, with bites few and far between?

...because the catches are damn worth their weight in skillups!

0.3 at that level!  Sometimes double skillups with Pelican Ring (Got a 0.1 and a 0.2 on the same catch the other day)

So hell yeah I'm staying here, even if I generally get a few catches per hour.
 Meatballs are my standard fare of bait, but I just ran out a few minutes ago and am successfully catching more cave Cherax with a Sinking Minnow until I decide to go back to Windurst and sleep @_@  Which given that it's 5am... should be pretty soon...