Thursday, April 19, 2012

And All Things Must End

Welp everyone, I haven't really done much of anything in game the past few months except just talk with friends and whatnot.  So unfortunately, I will not be renewing my subscription at the end of April.

You'll be able to find me over on TERA as Kyattsu on the Dragonfall server -- I'm keeping a Tera blog at if ya wanna reach me there!

As for FFXI, my character will not be deleted and I'll still have all my stuff I've collected over the years on her. :>  Never know if I'll come back!  Nine years and about 1150 days of gameplay on Kyaru... She's definitely been a big part of my life that won't be so easily forgotten :>~

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Update!

My update, not the game's!  So! Since my last post, some stuff has occurred!

Absolute Buttcheeks
Well! Clave and I got invited by Sukasaroth to tag along to help out with an Absolute Virtue fight, and I got to go WAR and Ukon-smash his pasty hiney.   Was a fun experience considering I've never messed with Sea stuff or even considered fighting AV before :D

And getting the killshot was worth it too ;o Drops were distributed to the actual LS members of Suka's group since we were just there for the ride (and title!)

Shortly after that, our old ZNM Group, Senkei, invited us to help them with a Pandemonium Warden fight!  I went WHM since that's my strongest job.  The fight took us damn near two hours with multiple wipes lol :X Thank Altana for Twilight gear!
Please note the amount of 0HP
And of course I got my 95 Mjollnir!  I did some testing last night with Clave to finally help answer questions about Randgrith's "Evasion Down" effect, and we figured the effect to be Evasion -32 on the mob with no decay over time that lasts for 1-2 minutes.  He's got his data he collected at The FFXIAH Forums.  I'm also in the process of getting data for the Recover MP and the Triple Damage proc rate on Mjollnir 95 :3

I also got a new computer. cuz. Yeah. ^

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Never Ask What's in Lufaise Meadows...

So yeah.  I hope you learned your lesson, Cell.  Never ask what's in Lufaise Meadows.

Auto-follow GPS misgivings
This is what you get for pissing me off!  Say goodbye to your {ball}s!
Hot action in Uleguerand~
Mjollnir's new description
... o what the heck is t.......... WHOAMG     

Related to that last pic. I've gotten Ukonvasara since I last updated seven million years ago :D  Still just 85 version as I'm casually gathering Orthrus Claws :>  Been a fun alternative to play and rip through monsters and SMAAASSSHHHH.  Also been leveling DNC for some fun and cute & sexy outfits!  Can't go wrong with cute dresses!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this picture-filled silly update!  My LS should hopefully be delving into Voidwatch stuff soon so may update more once we start all that ^^ But really, we're just a small group of long-lasting friends so business is never quite srs.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mjollnir Versus Jormungand

Ever since I got Mjollnir a few years ago, smackin' Jormungand with it has been an aspiration of mine for the sake of the myth of Thor crushing Jormungand's head with his Mjollnir.  I've never been (nor wanted to) be in an HNM shell so I never really had the chance to do this fight until recently.  Duo'd it with Clave (Fugue) successfully!  Took maybe about 40 minutes?  Was a bit trickier than when we duo'd/trio'd(if you count Rydiah) Tiamat.  :D Got my Herald's Gaiters off Tiamat at least, as well as a pair for Cellfish and for Showp.

Oh yeah.  Forgot to mention I finally got 90 Mjollnir too >_>  Was awhile ago, but I suck at updating this :D

Monday, April 4, 2011

WTH have I done in the past 4 months!

Well. Let's see....

Finished Wings of the Goddess! 
Let us frolick away!
 Fun story and fun fights :D  Definitely recommend people to finish em!

Finished Abyssea Storyline (aka Shinryu)!
Let down :(
Also got to brew Shinryu a few times, which is pretty disappointing.  Magic WSes really shine with Shinryu so Hexa sucks. Highest I got though was over 12k.
Got all my AF3+2 for WHM and RDM!
Fun Taru POV screenshots lol
Did several lowman charrenges too, including killing Azdaja with just Me, Clave and Rydiah.  Nice trick to avoid Spike Flail is to cure outside of alliance ;o

Helped Clave work on his Twashtar
Tunga apparently died up on the rock after we killed it.. uhhh I'm too short to reach that
Gotta kill a bunch of Orthus now D: Need 50 more claws.
Random Fail!  During one of the last rounds of Itzapapalotl killings we were doing, some other group was claiming Tunga just to piss us off and ran around and lost hate on it, so Clave grabbed it.  The guy was sending Clave tells the whole time saying "Lol it didn't do idle, you should just die and let us have it!", completely full of BS.  Needless to say, we killed it with ease got the key item and Clave said sarcastically, "Didn't go idle, eh?" and one of the others lied stupidly and said "Yeah ^.^ I got key item" lolol full of crap :P  Sorry doods, been playing the game long enough to know when something goes idle or not.

Helped my other LSmates get their AF3!
Pompom warp ftw!

/jobemote NIN shenanigans abound in my small Abyssea group of friends :) Cellfish, Boatsoap, Zenairis, Clave, and me.  Sometimes others like Coishin, our Loot Whore of the Week, tag along too.  Coishin is granted this prestigious title from having over 200 instances of "Coishin obtains ____" in my chat logs since October 2010 from just tagging along on extra runs with us XD  Congrats Coishin! (Thanks for not letting the stuff rot and go to waste! I'm glad you were able to benefit ^^)

Got 85 Mjollnir!

I had no motivation to get this done really until the update which reduced the number of kills drastically to like 300 or something lol then I got it done in 2 days.  Waiting for the Dynamis update until I go for the Attestation mob kills :)
Got Chocobo Carvings from Clave! :D 

I fkn love these <3
:3 I really love little decorations and cute things, even if they serve no purpose.  That's why I have no inventory space :S

Took silly screenshots of Clave!
Thethe pantth are jutht fabulouth!

Did a whole bunch of other stuff I can't think of too, but uhhh let's say that Clave and I have done so much in the game that we can't really think of anything to do when we log on <_<  
Oyeah, we redid our AMK hats too, I nixed the accuracy on mine and got WS damage +2% cuz accuracy isn't really an issue anymore in Abyssea.  I've also changed up my melee gear to accommodate for the lack of need for accuracy, got Ziel Charm & Zelus Tiara and have no need to melee in Goliard Saio, so I use Redingote.  I'll eventually (lol) update my melee set lists I have on here too :)

I'd also like to welcome back a fellow LSmate, Wari, to the game after a long hiatus :D  Been helping him with nabby stuff like genkai and AF quests so we can eventually help him with Abyssea crap!  In his return, he's also brought along some of his friends, so the LS is a bit livelier!
Also, Anaentar whom I mentioned in a post in December, is safe and alive and recovering well!  Thanks for all your thoughts ^_^  <3 yay Anae~

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I swear I'll update soon! I know it's been forever! Lots of new pics and shenanigans ahead! :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A long time FFXI friend, Anaentar, is currently very ill right now in critical condition at the hospital... To all who may know him or don't know him but sympathize, please keep him in your thoughts and hope for a speedy full recovery :(