Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Update!

My update, not the game's!  So! Since my last post, some stuff has occurred!

Absolute Buttcheeks
Well! Clave and I got invited by Sukasaroth to tag along to help out with an Absolute Virtue fight, and I got to go WAR and Ukon-smash his pasty hiney.   Was a fun experience considering I've never messed with Sea stuff or even considered fighting AV before :D

And getting the killshot was worth it too ;o Drops were distributed to the actual LS members of Suka's group since we were just there for the ride (and title!)

Shortly after that, our old ZNM Group, Senkei, invited us to help them with a Pandemonium Warden fight!  I went WHM since that's my strongest job.  The fight took us damn near two hours with multiple wipes lol :X Thank Altana for Twilight gear!
Please note the amount of 0HP
And of course I got my 95 Mjollnir!  I did some testing last night with Clave to finally help answer questions about Randgrith's "Evasion Down" effect, and we figured the effect to be Evasion -32 on the mob with no decay over time that lasts for 1-2 minutes.  He's got his data he collected at The FFXIAH Forums.  I'm also in the process of getting data for the Recover MP and the Triple Damage proc rate on Mjollnir 95 :3

I also got a new computer. cuz. Yeah. ^